Hivos Central America

Central America

Global Fund Guatemala

The platform for the Global Fund in Guatemala. Hivos was designated to manage the funds in Guatemala through which subsidizes the work of several local organizations.

World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2013. The Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December 1993.

2014 Annual Report

The Annual Report and Annual Accounts show how Hivos gave shape to its ideals from Nairobi to The Hague, and from Bolivia to Jakarta.


Knowledge Programme

The platform for knowledge development on issues imperative to the global development sector.


Facts & Figures

Central America

Total liability € 14.4 million

Number of countries 5

Number of partner organisations 76


Central America

Hivos convoca a organizaciones de la sociedad a presentar propuestas para ser sub-receptoras del proyecto país: “Costa Rica, un modelo sostenible de prevención combinada y atención a la población de hombres que tienen sexo con hombres y trans femenina”. Este proyecto es administrado por Hivos y financiado por medio de una subvención del Fondo Mundial de Lucha contra el Sida, la Tuberculosis y la Malaria.

El patrimonio del gabinete de Evo

With one click, Nelfi Fernández, Williams Chorolque and Elizabeth Arostegui opened up more than just doors in Bolivia. After months of work and research, on January 21st they launched El patrimonio del gabinete de Evo (The Assets of Evo’s Cabinet), a project that has received attention of Latin American media and civil society interested in transparency and accountability. For the project’s creators, this is just a beginning.

Big Data - Big DADA? **

After two successful editions of Age of Wonderland, its founding organisations Hivos and Baltan Laboratories are inviting artists, designers, scientists and other creative thinkers and doers to investigate, develop and share ideas or scenarios for its 2016 residency and public programme revolving around ‘Big Data’.